Our Philosophy at Creative Learning Childcare in Erie, PA

At Creative Learning Cildcare, we recognize each child as an individual. We provide activities and learning experiences that enrich a child’s affective, cognitive, physical, and social development. Our certified childcare teachers understand that a child’s confidence and self-esteem are enhanced with successful interactions. We foster developmentally appropriate activities that help children mature into well-rounded and interesting individuals.

Erie Zoo field trip with Creative Learning Childcare in Erie, PA.

To accomplish this goal, Creative Learning Childcare create activities that emphasize the process of learning rather than the results of learning. Therefore, the process of molding play dough becomes more important than the product. Similarly, the act of painting becomes more important than the result of their painting. Simply stated, our children learn through “play”. We attempt to help all children explore their innate creativity by discovering the process of learning through experiences appropriate for development in all areas.

However, without an exemplary teaching staff, even our best efforts would be thwarted. To avoid this fate, our professional staff of teachers must meet exacting criteria which includes:

  • Past experiences in child care
  • Relevant education
  • A strong commitment to the care and development of children

To facilitate smooth daily operations, we implement training workshops, seminars, and continuing education in order to encourage the children throughout the year. It is during these classes that the teachers discuss their problems, concerns, and share ideas for curriculum and program improvement.

To ensure a healthy and sanitary environment our Center is disinfected, sanitized, and cleaned on a daily basis by our staff and an in-house cleaning staff. A professional cleaning service steam cleans the carpets, changes the air filters, and provides other required upkeep.

Parental involvement underscores the lifeline to our staff. By participating in Creative Learning Childcare functions, programs, and activities, parents enhance our employees’ efforts to provide the best possible care and early childhood education. At Creative Learning Child Care, we strive to become your child’s home away from home!

Give your kids education that's also interactive, enroll at Creative Learning Childcare in Erie, PA!