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Kids in a gazebo with Creative Learning Childcare in Erie, PA.Creative Learning ChildCare accepts all age appropriate children regardless of their race, creed, sex, or special needs. We will make every effort to meet the requirements of your child should he/she have special needs.

In addition to the admission and consent forms that must be completed prior to a child’s enrollment, the result of a pediatrician’s examination must be submitted, along with a copy of updated immunizations, within 60 days of enrollment.

Upon acceptance, a personal file folder that contains necessary and vital information pertaining to your child will be created. All the information is kept confidential. Should it be necessary to withdraw your child from our care, please notify us, in writing, two weeks in advance.

Information Changes

Timely notification of any change in your personal information is necessary to ensure the safety of your child. Please inform our Center of the following changes:

  • Phone numbers of where you can be reached during the day
  • Addresses at home and at work
  • Your scheduled hours of child care
  • Names of those contacted in an emergency (when we can’t reach a parent)
  • Names of those who are authorized to pick up your child

Download Enrollment Forms

Emergency Contact Consent Parental Consent Checklist
Physical Form Tuition Express Authorization